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Lake Groomer

How It Works

The rolling action of Lake Groomer easily dislodges existing weeds and prevents new weeds from growing. Three flexible couplers between the rollers allow them to follow the contour of the lake bottom. Position the Lake Groomer wherever you want to control weeds such as the swimming area or for improved boat access.

Adjustable up to a 280° arc.
Operates in up to 41/2 feet of water at the power head.
Extendable to 42 feet of lake bottom rollers.
3° of flex for each flexible roller joint
(9° total with 3 rollers).
Some states and localities have different regulations that may involve a permit process. Always comply with local requirements when using your Lake Groomer.

  Comparison Guide Weed Roller Pro Lake Groomer
Max Height with Extension Kit 9.5 ft 10.5 ft
Stabilizing Base Anchor No Yes
Length of Radius Assembled 21 ft 21 ft
Auto Reverse Sensing Yes Yes
Power 0.067 HP 0.167 HP
Extension Kit Depth 2.5 ft 3 ft
Number of Flexible Couplers 2 3
Warranty 2 years 3 Years or 12,000 Cycles
The Lake Groomer Difference

Power Share
Use the "Power Share" Program with neighbors. Lake Groomer can be purchased without the Power Unit. This allows 2-3 neighbors to
easily move one power unit to different Lake Groomer installations, making the Lake Groomer an even better investment for all.

"Stay Dry" Installation
Unique installation system features a base anchor that is augered in from above, and a single bracket to the dock. Install the Drive
head with the Power Unit removed for easy handling.

Triple Protection Against Short Circuit

1. Plug Into Ground Fault at the Source.
2. Ground Fault Built Into Unit.
3. Short Circuit Protection in the Motor Controller.

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